The Realtime Tourist Guidance

Tourist: You are somewhere unfamiliar and need help? Don't worry, a guide will help you. Thanks to camera, microphone, GPS and chat the guide will see what you see, speak with you and guide you to your destination.

Guide: You know some places very well and want to help someone who is there? Sign up and start helping people right now.

What is Splinxs


Realtime chat enables tourist and guide to share messages. In some situations text messages might be the fastest and most convenient way to communicate.


Realtime audio enables tourist and guide to talk together. The tourist can explain the situation to the guide which can help achieving the tourist’s goal.


Realtime video enables the guide to see what the tourist sees. The tourist’s mobile device’s camera becomes the eyes of the guide. Now the guide can make sense of the tourist’s environment.


Realtime location services enables the guide to know the tourist’s location. Both tourist and guide have the possibility to mark places on a map to highlight a location.

About us

We were students at the Bern University of Applied Sciences in Biel, now we work in the IT branch

Philippe Lüthi

Software engineer, speaks german, english and japanese

Elia Kocher

Software engineer, internship at swisstopo, spleaks german, english and italian


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